butterscotch custard powder

butterscotch custard powder

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Vegan Butterscotch Custard Powder: Pour it, set it, bake it, ping it... enjoy it. 

Customisable options:
That's the way aha aha, you like it!

Pick your milk alternative (we recommend oat milk) and your sweetener of choice and go for it!

Pour over anything scrumptious or eat on its own - we love it sprinkled with crunchy Bourbon biscuit shavings... mmm simple pleasures.  Sit down, clear your mind and enjoy pudding time.

Pour it, microwave it, bake with it, set it!  Our custard powder is amazing as regular custard but can also be used to make tarts, trifle, blancmange, biscuits, it can even thicken and flavour porridge!  Get creative!