"don't be so vanilla"

You and I can trust each other. 

Let's have no pretence:  We both know that we're not always the sophisticated, polished people we appear to be to the rest of the world.  I know I know - hard to believe when we make it look so easy. But

let's indulge our inner child for a moment...

Close your eyes.  Actually don't - you need to read this.  Imagine then, imagine, that you are in Willy Wonkas chocolate factory, you get to the custard room (that we all know he has hidden back there).  In that most magical room you are told that you can have any flavour custard made for you right then and there for you to happily slurp... what do you go for? 

Strawberry, chocolate, mint, coffee, or do you go off the wall with pina colada or bubblegum?  Let your imagination run free!

Seriously, let me know and if we think it has legs (i.e. another persons inner child might want it too) you may just receive a sample of it in the post - FREE CUSTARD!  Butterscotch is just the start, we're looking at more exciting flavours but your input is key!