about us

Hello!  This is me, Lucy, and my family. 
I have three crazy children, a lovely (and very patient) husband and a brown cockapoo, Kiki - who thinks she's a person.
Custard has always been something that gave me a feeling of comfort, family and love.  A humble pudding that is so loved yet not given the attention it truly deserves.  After a family meal, on a chilly winter evening, sitting with family around the dinner table... It's just wonderful. 
It is there when we camp, when we run out of other puddings, it tops our trifles, fills our tarts, and turns the humble banana to something glorious.
Nothing would make me happier than to give this happy tummy feeling to you, whether you're are avoiding dairy for their health, environmental or for animal welfare - making your tummy happy truly means the world to me :)

🌱 Seeds

The first seeds of Wicked Spoon were planted when I was a little (and somewhat strange) girl.  Age of 6 I would "help" my mum make custard for pudding.  I was to stir the mix  into a paste while she boiled the milk.  However, I used to eat the paste (yep, paste), resulting in runny, lumpy custard for the family. This didn't help my mums reputation as a family cook. 

Shortly after I found myself in junior school.  Wow, 1980's junior school was a custard haven!  Pink, brown or vanilla.  Now, there are some that don't have great memories here, but for me it was wonderful.  

When I was a teenager my Dads small food business started manufacturing custard powder.  I loved the manufacturing process - creating something for people to enjoy ❤️️

🌱 Roots

So fast forward a bit... I became vegetarian, started a career and got married.  I had children and quit my career to care for them.  And this is the point when I decided to try quitting dairy.  Cutting dairy from my diet felt amazing, both physically and mentally, these days you're pretty spoiled for choice with vegan food innovation.  But I missed nostalgic and comforting puddings.  I could make custard with plant milk but the flavour was overpowered and it just wasn't the same.  I asked some vegan fFacebook groups if they liked the idea of different flavoured plant based custards - 300 messages and lots of likes made me think the idea could have legs.

🌱 Grow

So with my Dads help I developed a new custard powder, especially for plant based milk.  In the process I realised how versatile the product is - custard powder is incredible.  I adored making the product; it's truly made with love.

My trusty Facebook advisors also told me that they'd like full control over sweetener, therefore no sweetener has been added to the product so you are free to customise how you like, potentially making both a low calorie and comforting pudding.

So here we are - Wicked Spoon is here with our first custard flavour:  butterscotch, hooray!  A range of exciting flavours will follow. 

    🌱 Bloom 

    So THANK YOU for being here and reading this.  I am here to help make your tummy happy so please, if you have any ideas or requests, get in touch! 

    ♡ Wicked Spoon will become what you and your tummies need ♡